The online gambling community has become a very massive industry with a host of online casinos and various kinds of casino game developers. With the increase in the popularity of online gambling, it comes as no surprise as there are a lot of software developers coming on to the scene. Because of that, the competition in the industry continues to increase. However, the major beneficiaries of these competitions are online gamblers. In the online gambling industry, some of the big names include Netent, Microgaming, and Playtech. Visit for more.

Netent and Playtech Overview

Netent is one of the most popular among software developers in the online gambling industry. The company has been serving players with online casino games for over 20 years and the interesting part is that players can easily play the games at a wide range of online casinos. Currently, you will find the casino game at several active online casinos, more than 400 as it stands. You can even go to to learn more about Netent online casinos and how they work.

What is exciting about Netent is that its games come in various types and genres. The software provider ensures that its game collection covers all kinds of casino games so that every player can get something they crave for. For this reason, it is easy to find any type of casino game under the Netent brand. And impressively, all the casino games are fully verified and RNG certified. Some of the variety of casino games you will find in the Netent game collection are listed below:

  • Online slots
  • Table Games
  • Live dealer games
  • Speciality casino games

Playtech, on the other hand, is also a top casino game developer that has been in the online gambling scene for a while but not as long as Netent. This casino game developer is a very versatile developer that provides casino software, sports betting software, online poker rooms, fixed-odds arcade games online and many more. Although the provider does not have a very big portfolio as some of the top names in the industry, its versatility is a great advantage, which makes the brand stand out.


Which brand is better?

It is quite difficult to outrightly state which brand is better than the other. This is because both brands have been providing excellence for more than 2 decades. However, their approach to serving online players are different. One is more focused on developing better gaming experience for players and ensuring a large collection to choose from while the other is into providing casinos with top-notch software. As a result, to choose the better brand is mainly dependent on your preference and what you want.

To sum it all, Netent is a great casino software provider that is amazing at delivering an outstanding gaming experience through casino games and mobile gaming. However, Playtech is more focused on online casinos and providing great gaming platforms for players. Whether you choose Playtech or Netent, it is certain that you will get to enjoy a wide range of exciting online casino gaming coupled with sweet deals, bonuses and special rewards. Simply go to any top online casino and you will find these brands games available.